Our services

We cater for all your shipping needs

Sea freight

Sea freight has been the heart of our business since 1986. We are proud to partner with global shipping providers to deliver your items via shipping containers.

We guide you through any necessary paperwork, work with our partners to minimise risk, and take personal accountability for your items from start to end. Our on site customs brokers allow your shipping process to be handled more efficiently than our competitors.

Air freight & express shipping

When your smaller goods require fast, efficient delivery, we’ll arrange air freight. Through our air freight service we are able to minimise travel timeframes across long distances.

Precious items, one off deliveries and irregular sized items are ideal for air freight with Compass Global.

If your shipment is smaller in nature (generally under 100kg) and extremely urgent, we can facilitate an Express Shipping service to/from anywhere in the world through our partnership with DHL Express.

Freight brokerage

Through our freight brokerage services we’ll ensure your items are transported from your preferred location to destination via any transport method required.

Our experienced partners work cohesively to prioritise shipments for our customers. We’ll look after all areas of your shipment, on your behalf.

Customs brokerage

As customs brokers we mediate between the importer or the exporter, and the border control authorities to ensure a smooth international transaction. We offer:

  • Full EDI with NZ Customs
  • 3 Licensed Brokers on-site
  • Tariff Consultation
  • Member of Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation of New Zealand Inc.

Freight consolidators

As freight consolidators we can arrange a shipment for your items, even though they may not fill the volume of a container on their own.

We’ll consolidate your items for a fraction of the price you would pay for a full shipment, deliver promptly and reduce risk of damage to your items.

Specialised handling

Skate Table

Compass Global have a unique loading and unloading Machine known as a Skate Table suitable for 20ft and 40ft Containers. In New Zealand the machines are located in Auckland and Christchurch.

The machines are specifically designed for loading of cargo like Steel and Timber that would normally have to be shipped Breakbulk or on Flat Racks. By eliminating the use use of Shipping Lines expensive special equipment and minimising possible damage the Skate Table is an very cost effective option.

Unusual Loads

Compass Global have all the necessary experience and expertise to handle any unusual loads. We are equally comfortable with Boats, Machinery, Vehicles or any over dimensional cargoes.

If it is Difficult, Different or Demanding let us give you a quotation.